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IAC Overview

The EIM Insurance Advisory Committee's (IAC) main objective is to respond to specific questions and assignments from the Board, and to provide input to the Board from the EIM Member Risk Managers. The IAC meets at least quarterly.

Key objectives of the IAC include:

  • act as a liaison between the Board and Member Risk Managers
  • conduct special assignments from the Board or staff regarding emerging industry risk management concerns
  • be a resource for staff, referencing coverage issues
  • maintain a core group within the IAC that is familiar with the history of EIM and the evolution of insurance policy coverages and exclusions

IAC Committee Members

Stephanie Crochet (Chair)
Director, Risk & Insurance
Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.
Telephone: (713) 993-5038

Ron Rispoli (Vice Chair)
Director Risk and Insurance
Entergy Services, Inc.
Telephone: (479) 858-4915

Edsel L. Carlson, ARM, FRM 
Risk Manager
TECO Energy, Inc.
Telephone: (813) 228-4885

Mariya Coleman
Director, Corporate Insurance
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Telephone: (702) 402-1595

Arnold Garcia
Director, Insurance
Duke Energy
Telephone: (980) 373-4744

Lisa Hough
Manager - Risk Management
Omaha Public Power District
Telephone: (402) 636-3656

Kathy McElwaine
Corporate Insurance Manager, Finance
PJM Interconnection, LLC
Telephone: (610) 666-4411

Mike McFarland 
Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Great River Energy
Telephone: (763) 445-5550

Randy Murdaugh
Managing Director, Risk Management
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Telephone: (417) 885-9257

Gordon Payne
Director, Risk Management
Fortis, Inc.
Telephone: (709) 737-5365

Frank Stanbrough
Vice President, Administration
Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc.
Telephone: (702) 876-7019

Tim Underwood
CMS Energy
Telephone: (517) 788-0714

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The Energy School 2024

May 13th-17th, 2024

*To request a password, please contact Pete Nadel


The chief executives of energy mutual companies:  the Everen Group of Companies, Nuclear Energy Insurance Limited (NEIL), Energy Insurance Mutual (EIM), conceptualized, sponsored and helped develop The Energy School program that was first launched in May 2007 at the Bauer School of Management at the University of Houston.

The sponsors created the program to address a need for developing the knowledge and skills of their risk management and other staff members through an intensive and challenging educational forum customized for the challenges and opportunities of the energy industry.

After the Bauer School was unable to accommodate the program for 2008, the sponsors conducted a national search for a new academic partner, which led them to the Academy of Risk Management and Insurance of the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University.

The sponsors in 2016 agreed to make Florida State University (FSU), which houses one of the oldest and highest ranked insurance and risk management programs in the nation, the new home for The Energy School Program.    Also in 2016, AEGIS joined as a program sponsor. 

Learning Goals of the Program

The Energy School is a customized education program intended to enhance the knowledge and skills of industry professionals and future leaders in relevant areas of energy risk management.

The sponsoring companies and their clients know that investing in the professional development of their members is vital for maintaining success and leadership.  Programs like The Energy School perpetuate lifelong learning and instill values that inspire people to do more and be more for themselves and for their organizations.

The Energy School offers participants a unique and challenging learning environment that provides relevant information, improves competency in performance, and enriches relationships and networks.  As a result of the program the participants will:

  • Gain a “big picture” view about managing risk in the energy industry.
  • Understand and value the unique and shared RM issues, challenges and opportunities.
  • Gain perspectives and insights that foster knowledge in key areas in the RM discipline, and self-assess their role, responsibility and competencies in risk management.
  • Apply their learning in ways that will enhance performance on-the-job.
  • Build competencies that help them support their respective companies to embrace the challenges and changes of their industry.
  • Engage with peers and industry experts toward building meaningful professional relationships.
  • Enjoy an environment that fosters knowledge sharing, applied learning, introspection, interaction, camaraderie and professional networking.

IAC Meeting Updates